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 Reality Steve More Bachelor Stuff-January 15, 2010

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PostSubject: Reality Steve More Bachelor Stuff-January 15, 2010   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:59 pm

More “Bachelor” Stuff…
January 15th, 2010

Quote :
Ok, lets address some things that happened over the last couple of days. Just a few things about the Rozlyn scandal in this post, then I will discuss the new "Bachelor Pad" show set to air in the summer, the number of people all of you readers think Elizabeth looks like (you'll be shocked at the number of responses it's reached), the news and photos of the producer in question being leaked yesterday, and where the possible interview with Rozlyn stands.

You know what my stance is on what happened to Rozlyn, and judging by the reaction, I'd say it's probably going 60/40 against her and believing the ABC/Chris Harrison/Jake camp. Which is fine. There are two sides to every story. Rozlyn has denied it to "ET" and "The Insider", and Chris and Jake are calling her a liar to everyone they talk to. He said, she said. I still stand by the information I received 100% as I trust ABC and their stance about as much as I can throw them. However, one thing worth talking about in this whole scandal, is now ABC is releasing a 2 min video clip (which wasn't shown Monday), that was obviously filmed after Rozlyn was asked to leave the house, but before the rose ceremony, since Ashley E. and Christina are in the clip. I can't find a way to embed it in the column, but here is the link to it.

Honestly, I don't think that video shows much of anything. Just a bunch of speculation. So a couple of the girls saw her head on his shoulder, and MAYBE and arm on his leg? Oh boy. That totally means they were sleeping together. I just found it funny that Chris Harrison and Jake both have said in the past week that some of the girls witnessed an "inappropriate relationship" going on between Rozlyn and the producer. Really? Then why would any of them be shocked when she was booted from the house? That 2 min clip does not look spontaneous at all. To me, it was after Rozlyn gets booted, the producers gathering around and saying, "Ok ladies, here's what we're gonna do. You all sit here and discuss why you think Rozlyn was kicked off the show. And feel free to throw out any type of speculation that you want. Ready? Go." And just like so many of you know how they can get people to say things they want, I'm here to tell you that a few of those girls were easily pulled to the side and told what to talk about on camera. Especially Ashley E. How do I know this? Because she's been probably the most outspoken about it so far.

What a surprise to see that see she is front and center on EXTRA TV talking about what she THINKS happened. Not what she saw, not what she witnessed with her own two eyes, but just what she THINKS happened. Very credible source. Ashley did her exit interview yesterday and of course she was asked about the scandal. You can read it all right here, but let me highlight my favorite answers she gave.

When asked if she thought there was a romantic, physical relationship between Rozlyn and the producer, Ashley replied:

"I do. But I wasn't there to witness the extent of it. I just heard what the other girls had said."

Oh, well then Rozlyn must be guilty. Anytime an eyewitness admits to "not being there to witness the extent of it", then we must take anything she says as truth. So if she didn't see anything, why is she convinced there was a romantic, physical relationship between the two?

"There was a conversation between a group of us, and we were all discussing the flirtation and the incident that occurred. Elizabeth stated that she definitely saw some snuggling up on the couch. Vienna continued to agree with that and was speaking about how Rozlyn was laying on this staffer and kind of had her hand around his thigh area. Gia also had concurred about this. I was just simply sitting on the couch while this conversation was occurring."

Translation: Hearsay. Hearsay is always admissible in court as strong evidence. Let's hope Ashley is never called up to the stand in a murder trial some day. "Well, I didn't actually see the guy get shot. I just heard some people talking about it so I figured your client must be guilty."

"I did see some of the flirting, but the other girls were really upset about what they had seen and definitely felt the need to verbalize it. I don't know if one of them had went and told the producers or what, but there was definitely a lot of chit-chat around the house regarding this."

Hey, I mentioned this last Wednesday when I first told you the story. I told you this guy admitted to having fallen for Rozlyn, was giving her probably more attention than the other girls, and that there was chatter in the house about it, especially after Rozlyn got the rose on the first group date Monday night. This is nothing new. But because two people were flirting, does not mean there was a physical, sexual relationship going on. By the way, does anyone realize how many back rubs, long night talks into the wee hours of the morning, and close friendships a lot of the bachelorettes develop from their time on the show? It happens every season. Hell, the producers job is to be nice to you and become your friend so you'll tell them stuff on camera. So because two people were flirting, or she was laying her head on his shoulder, doesn't mean they were having a physical relationship last time I checked.

"Despite that, I don't think that anyone actually thought that a sexual affair was occurring. We didn't really know the details of it or the extent of it. Even though there were some red flags that went up, the girls were still quite surprised when Chris Harrison spoke to us and informed us what had happened."

Ummmm, didn't she just admit here that none of the girls thought there was anything sexual going on in the house? From the beginning, I've told you ABC is hiding behind the language they're using, and it's still happening. If I was on that conference call, I would ask Ashley, "Ashley, after Rozlyn was booted from the house, did Chris or the producers come to all the girls at any point and say, 'Yeah, she's gone because her and the producer were having sex. We caught them in the editing room going at it like rabbits.' Or did they just tip toe around everything, and use vague phrases like "inappropriate relationship"? That's what it comes down to. All Ashley is saying is "I heard the girls talking about this", "someone said they saw them flirting", "I think it was more than friendship", blah blah blah…for the love of God, WHERE IS THE HARD EVIDENCE? Video footage, audio footage, or at least someone saying on record, "Yes, I saw these two having sex. Yes, I saw these two kissing. Yes, I saw these two dry humping." Whatever. Someone give me something more than hearsay. It's unbelievable that such a big scandal could have no proof to back it up.

And this is my favorite part of her interview:

Prior to her own elimination, Monday night's episode had also shown Elmore stating that Papa was making all of these "wonderful comments" about The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka "yet three hours prior was getting it on with somebody else."

When asked about the comment on Thursday, Elmore said she was "inventing" the timeframe she referenced during the episode.

"I don't even know where that timing came from," she told Reality TV World with a laugh. "I think I was just assuming that she had gotten off the date and something had occurred with the staffer when she got home. That was maybe me being a little harsh, feeling a little shock."

Awesome. Now she's just admitted to making stuff up she said on camera. They've got some great writers on this show, I tell ya'. Remember how I mentioned earlier that hearsay is always great evidence to use in court? Well you know what's better than hearsay? Assumption. "Yeah your honor, I just assumed that was the guy who murdered him." Good interview, Ashley. Thank you for helping me state my case even more. Moving on.

On to a much lighter, happier subject. In Tuesday's column, I kind of rhetorically asked, "What celebrity does Elizabeth look like?" It was more of me thinking out loud. I didn't actually think that both my email, Facebook inbox, and the comments section of my site, would get bombarded with over 200 emails the last three days with people telling me who they think she looks like. It was unreal. I didn't think that many people cared who she looked like. I am dead serious when I tell you this. I saved every single email that was sent over the past three days and wrote down every name that people thought Elizabeth looked like. Ready for this list? Unreal. Here you go:

Courtney Cox – by far the overwhelming favorite.
Megan Fox – 2nd most votes. A distant 2nd though.
Rena Sofer – Original "Melrose Place", "Heroes", Season 6 of "24″, and numerous other short lived TV shows.

Now, those were by far the top three. They were mentioned in the most emails. In no particular order, here are the rest of the names I got for who Elizabeth reminded people of. Remember, everyone was looking at the same exact girl as I was. Cox, Fox, and Sofer? Yeah, I can see that. But wait, there's more. Plenty. I swear I'm not making this up.

Maria Shriver
Cameron Diaz
Robin Tunney – "The Mentalist"
Krista Allen – "Days of our Lives"
Sigourney Weaver
A combo of Janice Dickinson and Courtney Cox
Amanda Peet
Carla Gugino – "Spin City", "Entourage"
A combination of Parvati from "Survivor" and Selena Gomez
Lindsay Lohan (with dark hair)
Kate Jackson
A young Barbara Hershey
Jennifer Connelly
Malin Akerman – "27 Dresses"
Crystal Chappell – "Guiding Light"
Lucy Lawless – "Xena: Warrior Princess"
Eva Green – "Casino Royale"
Hilary Rhoda – Estee Lauder model
Kelly Kapowski – Awesome. Probably my favorite one.
Gina Gershon
Jorja Fox – "CSI: Las Vegas"
Sprague Grayden – President Taylor's daughter last season on "24″

So apparently Elizabeth is the most attractive woman walking the planet since, according to the people watching this show, she looks like 25 different celebrities. That was amazing to me. And hilarious. So I guess the million dollar question now is, "Well Steve, which one does Elizabeth remind you of?" Honestly? I'm even more confused now than before. I guess I can see parts of her in every one of those 25 women. Serious.

Well here's a novel idea. After producing 18 seasons of this show, they've finally come up with an idea that I've thought would happen long before this. "Bachelor Pad" is set to air this summer on ABC. Fleiss is behind it, Chris Harrison is hosting, and essentially they're just gonna throw 20 former contestants from previous season into a house, "Big Brother" style, and have competitions and give out money and watch people hook up. I've been saying for years this had to happen since a lot of former contestants have hooked up with multiple people, it was only natural to get some of them thrown in a house and see what drama unfolds. The cast hasn't been finalized yet, but you can guarantee Jesse Csinsak will be on it. If he is, don't you HAVE to cast DeAnna? Along with Holly and her boyfriend Michael Stagliano from Jillian's season? Greatness. I'm actually looking forward to this much more than the actual show. "The Bachelorette" starts taping in March (they've already flown people out to LA for final casting even though they haven't chosen the "Bachelorette" yet – how convenient), probably to air May-July, then ABC said "Bachelor Pad" would air after that. So I'm guessing they'll film it from May-July.

They said they ordered seven episodes and people will be evicted every week before it's down to one, I guess. There haven't really been many details about what the show will actually be about other than there "will be competitions that resemble some of the drama from previous seasons." I'm guessing it'll be some money prizes and "Beats by Dre" headphones. And maybe a special appearance by TJ Lavin. Hey, I'm all for it. It's basically RW/RR Challenge but with the former "Bachelor/ette" contestants. And without the exotic location. And no Kenny and Evan and Johnny Bananas to keep me entertained. I'm telling you, if they do this right, and don't screw around with the editing, this'll be the best creation they've come up with. The only person who has publicly said no to it that I've read is Andy Baldwin. I'm sure they're gonna start asking people soon if they're interested, and I'm guessing a lot of former contestants are. You know they'll ask Rozlyn to. That's a given. I think whether or not we see her on this show will tell a lot about her. I'd be willing to bet she wouldn't go on that show in a million years. I spoke to Wes and he doesn't think they'd ever ask him. I wouldn't be so sure. Regardless, he better not do it if he knows what's good for him. After what he did with me, I'm guessing they won't ask him. And if Jeremy had any thoughts about wanting to do that show, I probably ruined any of those chances. Something tells me he wants no part of it. Just a hunch.

It was only a matter of time before the name and photos of the producer involved in the scandal were released. Ryan Callahan is the guys name. If you want to see pictures of him, find it on another site. No need to trample on the guys grave by putting them here. Here's a guy we're finding out that his wife divorced him in May, and now he's out of a job due to a sex "scandal". Rough year. Think it'll be easy for him to find work in the industry now with THAT on his resume? Didn't think so. Especially since it isn't true. I mean, if there's one guy I'd like for to come forward and speak with, it's him. So Ryan, I'll have you on any time if you want to talk about what really happened. Your story needs to get out there and I'm the only outlet you have that won't edit up your answers or limit you to a few minutes of soundbites on some tabloid show. That's the great part of dealing with me. I crack open the mic, ask you questions, and you tell me exactly what your side of the story is.

As for the Rozlyn interview, still where we were three days ago. No new news to report at all. I don't know what's going on. I'm almost positive she knows I want to talk to her, but I haven't been able to gauge what the interest is on her end. And she hasn't added me on Facebook yet either. So if any of you are her friends and want to hound her to do an interview, hey, I won't stop you. I think the Rozlyn "scandal" will be relevant all season long since they made such a big deal out of it. I love the "it was embarrassing for us, it was something we weren't expecting" nonsense that Chris is running. Really? So embarrassing that you spent two weeks promoting it, then running to the tabloid shows to state your case? Yeah, really sounds like you guys were embarrassed by it. If these people would just admit they'll do whatever they can for ratings, it's a TV show, we love the drama and the Rozlyn story did wonders to get people to tune in, maybe I'd respect them more. But they never will and that's why I like trashing them on a weekly basis. It's fun.

Be back Tuesday with your next column. We had to transfer the site to a completely new server. There may be some glitches here and there, but once we're all settled, it will be fine. Any questions, comments, emails, praises, criticisms, email me at steve@realitysteve.com. If you want to join me on Twitter, my address is Twitter.com/RealitySteve. Or if you want to add me on Facebook, scroll down the right hand column under "My Stuff" and click on the appropriate link.
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Reality Steve More Bachelor Stuff-January 15, 2010
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