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 Reality Steve's Bachelor Recap 2/22/10 "The Women All Lie"

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PostSubject: Reality Steve's Bachelor Recap 2/22/10 "The Women All Lie"   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:48 pm

The Bachelor Recap 2/22/10 "The Women All Lie"

Quote :
For those that are friends of mine on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, you saw that yesterday I made mention of some huge news regarding the “After the Final Rose” show coming this week. Yes, I said “this week”, not today. There’s a reason for that. Because I gave an exclusive interview to “In Touch” magazine regarding what happened at the “ATFR” taping this past Sunday, and I’m not allowed to post it on the site until 12:01am EST later on tonight. So you’re gonna have to wait a few hours. But, for the latest on what the final conclusion is to the “ATFR” show (which will be shown immediately after the 2 hr. finale next Monday night), come back here to the site tonight at 12:01am EST, or pick up this weeks copy of “In Touch” magazine.

This column is usually a little bit different than the others since it’s not as much a detailed account of what happened on the episode last night, but more of jumping around to all my different thoughts. The “Women Tell All” is usually a lot of fluff, repeating scenes and conversations we’ve already seen and stuff I’ve already commented on in previous columns. The Rozlyn stuff was just downright ridiculous. More on that later. I gotta say, I never thought the Jason/Molly/Melissa scandal would ever be topped in the tabloids when it comes to this show, but man, this season might have overtaken it. Jake, and Vienna’s past, and Ali’s work situation – it’s been gossip magazine fodder for a solid month straight. And there really is no scandal to report this season, yet, they cannot stop writing about each of these girls and their pasts.

With that said, I don’t blame the tabloid magazines one bit. That’s what they do. It’s how they stay in business. Does it make it right? Probably not. But this is 2010. It’s just the way the media is nowadays, and you have to live with it. We’re living in a “need to know now” world. Everyone wants an instant reaction to everything that’s happening every minute. If you go on a reality show, people are going to dig into your past. And you know what? They might even make stuff up. If you don’t want that out there, then don’t sign up for the show. Period. End of story. What happened to Rozlyn was unfortunate, but, if she doesn’t go on the show, it doesn’t happen. Same for Vienna. And Gia. And Ali. The list goes on. All I’m here to do is to let you know when I feel the show has crossed the line. The media? You’ll never hear me say much about what the tabloids say because it’s what they do. TMZ is in business because there’s a market for it. Sometimes gossip mags are right and break a story (Tiger’s voicemail to his mistress, LeAnn Rimes cheating on her husband, “In Touch” tomorrow…ha ha), and sometimes they’re wrong (the 100 times I’ve read Brad and Angelina are broken up). You take the good with the bad. However, for ABC to claim “we’re just a reality show and we let the cameras roll and what you see is real” is a completely different story. The emotions are “kinda” real. Very much exaggerated and heightened due to the situation they’re in, but, everything else is pretty much mapped out. So if I hear something where what we were shown is not what really happened, then I will report it and you can make your own decision from there.

I’m sure there are plenty of times in the past where I’ve commented on something without knowing the real story behind how it was said or how it was presented on camera. I’m fine with that. I don’t know everything. And there have been plenty of times where I’ve known more to a story than what’s going on, but for privacy reasons, I’ve chosen not to share it in my blog. Trust me on that one. There’s some stuff that’d blow your mind I cannot tell you about. When it comes to “Who is the final one”, or, “Who is in the final four”, or “What happens on this episode”, that’s basic stuff. If I know it, I’ll tell it. But not all behind-the-scenes stuff am I at liberty to share. I just don’t want to break the trust I’ve built with my sources.

I do my best to distinguish what should get out there, and what shouldn’t. Have I screwed up at times? Without a doubt. Probably will happen again at some point too. What you see is what you get with me. If it’s speculation, I’ll tell you it’s speculation. If it’s fact direct from a source, I’ll tell you that as well. If it’s rumor, I’ll tell you it’s a rumor then usually try to show you how that rumor isn’t possible (like the rumor of re-shooting the ending to this season. One of the stupidest things I’ve heard). I enjoy writing this column, I really do. Sometimes it gets taxing getting asked questions I’ve already answered a 1,000 times, or ones that I’ve explained in my column already, but remember, it’s all fun and games in the end. It’s a TV show. I’ve never taken this show or myself seriously, which is why I’ve made fun of it for the last eight years and will continue to do so. All I try to do is clear the air on perception vs. reality whenever I get information from sources.

I thought that Ali and Gia’s post show exit interviews were quite interesting. You can read Ali’s here, and Gia’s here, courtesy of Film.com. I think the most interesting things that Ali said (and we saw her repeat it last night), was the connection Jake had with Vienna. On the show you see Ali flabbergasted he’s keeping Vienna around, even to the point of whining about it. However, Ali was only basing that off her interaction with Vienna. She admits she never saw any connection with them until actually watching the show like the rest of us. For Ali to admit she could actually see Jake and Vienna having a long-lasting relationship, well, I’d say that’s a pretty big deal. Especially coming from Vienna’s biggest critic in the house. At least Ali was woman enough to admit, “You know what? I probably jumped the gun a bit on her. Sure, she speaks her mind without thinking and her and I are different in that aspect, but that had nothing to do with her and Jake.” Plus, the fact that Ali apologized to Vienna last night on TV was also pretty big of her. I thought Ali handled herself really well last night and toned down her bitchiness towards Vienna. Regardless of her being the next “Bachelorette”, she didn’t have to do that. But she did. Now, does she honestly think Jake and Vienna could have a long lasting relationship? Probably not. No one thinks that.

I think Gia saying that she really liked Vienna and would want to keep in touch with her speaks volumes. I mean, we’ll see if that’s really the case, but Gia even admitting to wanting to have anything to do with Vienna once the show is over is impressive. I think both girls realized, in a heightened situation, where your sole focus for 5-6 weeks is on this one man, mixed in with all the alcohol flowing in the house and the fact that it’s a competition, probably led to a lot of disagreements and arguments that probably wouldn’t have happened under normal dating circumstances. I relate this to “Survivor” where you see two tribemates not get along, bitch at each other, say hurtful things, then by the time the reunion show rolls around, they’re fine with each other and always say the same thing, “Hey, we’re just playing a game.” Stephanie even said in her post show interview last week that James has already told her “no hard feelings”, even though he acted like a complete ass last week. Same difference on this show. In the heat of “battle” or “competition”, of course you’re gonna say things you might normally not say, or even really mean. But with cameras and alcohol all around, you ramp up the drama. Ali could’ve stuck with, “Vienna is a total bitch and I do not like her” on last night’s show, but she didn’t. She apologized for her calling her out after the 1-on-1 date, and she even said in the interview she feels bad for the media attacking Vienna and that she’s a good person. Not everyone hates everyone on this show, despite what they want you to believe.


Some thoughts on the show before we get to the Rozlyn stuff:

-By the far, the funniest part of the episode was the girls take on Tenley. One of the few times I’ve actually had a sincere laugh towards something I’ve seen on the show. Jessie saying Tenley “is the sweetest thing, but seems like she’s dropped straight out of a Disney movie” was hilarious. Then Gia saying Tenley “must sh** rainbows” was even funnier. Yet, who would’ve thought Vienna might’ve delivered the funniest line of the night when she said Tenley “dreams in cartoons”. Good stuff. I got a kick out of that segment.

-The whole “here are our former Bachelor/ettes throwing reunions so they can all hook up” segment was, ummmm, a good thing? Was that supposed to put this show in a better light? Certainly didn’t seem that way to me. I mean, I think I’ve mentioned it numerous times in previous columns how the people on this show, once you become a “part of the family”, it turns into one giant incestuous group. Oh man, the stories I could tell. Regardless, letting the rest of America in on that? Really? Didn’t think it did the show many favors, but hey, maybe it’ll promote the “Bachelor Pad” even more, since basically that’s what the show will be about.

-I loved the “Bachelor Gives Back” stuff. Not because of the actual charity work being (which is definitely a positive thing), but just to see the looks on these kids faces when, all the sudden, former “Bachelor/ette” contestants show up to help give them free stuff. I mean, what down and out 5 or 6 year old wouldn’t be thrilled that John Hardesty from someone’s season 4 years ago is there to lend a hand? Or that the one girl from that one season is there to help her paint something? Awesome. These kids really must’ve been in awe not knowing who the hell any of these people were. “The Bachelor? Huh? Is that on Nickelodeon? Maybe it’s on the Noggin Channel?” I’ve watched every season but the first two and even I had no clue who the hell some of these people were, much less tell you what season they were on. I’m glad something good came out of their experience from being on the show.

-Questions, Questions, Questions…Why does Shayne Lamas looked about 35 years old now? Ummmm, who is John Hardesty and why is he on every reunion show, cruise, etc? Why couldn’t Holly, DeAnna and the Stagliano brothers be at the same event that Jesse Csincsak is at? Oh wait, that’s right. They hate each other. Why does Natalie claim she’s never hooked up with anyone from the show then we see her tongue down Jesse Kovacs’ throat in a pool? Was Chris Harrison on his period last night? Why was he being such a pompous, condescending, bullying, ass clown with Rozlyn? What the hell was Channy doing on the panel last night? Ummm, does she still have a landing strip? One girl Jake wishes he had more time with was Christina? Really? Uhhhh, who’s Christina? Can the people they bus in for the studio audience be any more out-of-touch with what is happening on the show? Didn’t Jake’s outfit last night make you think he should be your waiter at some 3-star restaurant? So who else has Chris Harrison hit on during his time hosting the show? If Ashleigh Hunt is up there saying that “we ALL saw stuff going on between the producer and Vienna”, couldn’t she be a little more specific?


Which brings us to Rozlyn. I have good news. I will have an interview with Rozlyn up on the site this week. I’m hoping Thursday. For weeks now, all we’ve heard is Rozlyn in short sound bites, edited clips, and on the defensive. Now, it’s gonna be her turn. Since the beginning of the season, I’ve written down every complaint and question people have had regarding Rozlyn in hopes that the interview would finally come about. She will get asked ALL of those questions and more. But rather than seeing her on a tabloid TV show for three or four minutes, you know how my interviews go. I’m expecting it to be rather long. Rozlyn will definitely have to answer all the questions everyone has had since day one regarding her. Sure, the basic answers are going to be ones you’ve probably already heard her say, but there will be stuff that the tabloids haven’t gotten into (or at least haven’t shown), that I’ll be able to get to since there’s no time constraints. This will be an interview you don’t want to miss. I’m looking forward to it. I’m aiming to air the interview on Thursday, barring any unforeseen circumstances. In the meantime, I want to touch on a couple issues regarding her appearance from last night.

The two most outspoken people last night in terms of “details” regarding the alleged “inappropriate relationship”, were Ella and Jessie. I will discredit what they said right now. First, let’s begin with Ella. Three weeks ago, she gave her post show interview. You can read the full interview here, but here’s the part of the interview where speaks about Rozlyn:

“First of all, I have to say that I really think that Rozlyn is a good person,” she told Reality TV World, adding the two had discussed how they were both mothers.

“I really did not see a lot with her and the producer. I saw them being very friendly with each other. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. So I have to say no, I wasn’t one of the ones who went to the producers.”

Due to all the media attention surrounding Papa, Nolan added she’s not envious of her.

“She’s dealing with a lot right now and I would not want to be in her shoes,” she told Reality TV World.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. So three weeks ago, Ella is telling everyone she feels bad for Rozlyn, never saw anything out of the ordinary, and that Rozlyn is a good person. Yet last night, she’s on the attack telling a story about Rozlyn on all fours on the couch with her ass in the air. Don’t you think that would be considered “out of the ordinary”? Are you kidding me? Did that just happen to slip your mind during this interview, even though you told it twice last night? Ummmm, Ella is lying. Plain and simple. Just read what Ella said three weeks ago above about Rozlyn, then remember what she said last night. Ya’ think she made that up? How anyone can believe anything that Ella said last night after reading this interview from three weeks ago is beyond me. Totally fabricated. Now Ella is claiming today she wanted to tell Rozlyn to her face rather than in a tabloid? Didn’t have to be a tabloid, Ella. This was your post show interview. That’s not tabloid stuff, that’s media you’re required to do by the show. And if you wanted to tell Rozlyn to her face, wouldn’t you either call/text/email her beforehand rather than sniping at her on the show when you hadn’t seen her since she was booted. Very motherly of you, I’d say. Your son would be proud.

As for Jessie, in the first hour of the show, when they asked the girls their thoughts on Rozlyn (when she wasn’t there), this is when she first tells the story of what she saw. She said it was “the day before Rozlyn got booted, I went inside because I wasn’t feeling well, I heard something on the stairs, and the producer was laying down with Rozlyn on top of him making out.” Fine. Great story. Yet when Rozlyn came out, Jessie’s story was “We were all by the pool, I came inside and saw you making out with the producer.” Jessie should probably get her stories straight. And if these two were making out “on the stairs with Rozlyn on top of the producer”, you’re telling me that NOT ONE CAMERA CAUGHT THAT? According to Jessie’s BS, they weren’t even hiding it. Just right there in the stairwell, yet, the cameras completely missed it! Wow! What a coincidence! If people want to study body language and speech pattern on Rozlyn and have a field day with that, so be it. Just do it on Ella and Jessie too. When Jessie was telling her story both times, I felt like she was trying to remember lines and hoping not to screw it up. In the first hour, she even got cotton mouth for a second and almost choked on a sentence.

After Jessie got eliminated, she did two interviews that I saw: a sit down interview in her hometown in Canada, and one with TVGuide.com, and in each one was asked about Rozlyn. The Canada interview was on TV and the host asked, “Ok, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room Rozlyn. There was scandal surrounding her. How’d you feel about Rozlyn?” So, considering how hard Jessie came at Rozlyn last night, for sure she’s already told that story before, right? Surely she’s had that story saved up for anybody that would stick a mic in front of her to finally let loose? Not quite. When pressed about Rozlyn after being booted, this was all Jessie said about her on a TV interview in Canada:

“She was a nice girl, she’s very flirtatious, and you know, everyone was crying when the news came out and when she was sent home. But, I’m like, ‘Why are you crying?’ This is one less girl you have to worry about’.”

Ummmm, that’s it? That’s all you had to say a couple weeks ago, yet, last night you’ve been holding in this deep, dark, scandalous secret about two people on top of each other on the stairs making out? Didn’t bother to ever mention that during your time on the show or before last night, huh? Oh, ok. Verrrrrrry believable. Then the capper of it all, here was the question and answer she gave to TVGuide.com back on Jan. 28th:

TVG: Let’s talk about Rozlyn for a second. Were you privy to what some of the other girls saw?

Jessie: I didn’t see anything, but I heard that other people might have seen something, but we all got over it and past it pretty quickly. We never really talked about it in the house again after that night.

That really sounds like a woman who really cared about what was going on with Roz and the producer. Admits to not seeing anything, then says she hears some things, but everyone was over it pretty quickly and moved past it. Really? Well apparently not considering what people said last night. So which is it? Ladies and gentlemen, if you still honestly believe that story Jessie told on stage twice last night, then you are living in a fantasy world. Just like Ella, she lied. I don’t know how much clearer I can make this. I just gave you examples. These women have done a complete 180 in their answers in less than a month, whereas, Rozlyn has been telling the same story since she got booted in that nothing happened. Both of those women, for whatever reason, decided to change their stories, give in to the producers instructions before the show, and go after Rozlyn. Money? Attention? Promised things? I have no idea. But it’s clear now they had some motivation to not saying anything until the “Women Tell All” show when Rozlyn happened to be there.

Still don’t believe it? Remember what Valishia said on the show last night to Rozlyn about not believing her anymore? Yeah, she made that up, has since apologized to Rozlyn, and essentially admits giving in to being pressured to say that. Read it here. “I kind of felt a little bombarded by producers and people who tried to sway me to that side.” Uh huh. Yeah, none of that was staged last night. Sure it wasn’t. So I applaud Valishia for coming to the defense of her friend and doing that. I’m proud of you, Valishia. So is Dmitry from “Dancing with the Stars”. Anyway, along the lines of what Valishia is saying, I think the fact that we never heard one word come out of Corrie’s mouth last night speaks volumes. Corrie finished 5th. It’s not like she got booed the first night. Had definitely stuff worth talking about considering the whole virgin angle, yet, we don’t hear anything from her last night. Why? Because she is a Rozlyn supporter. Corrie didn’t play along with the “attack Rozlyn” storyline last night, therefore, she wasn’t shown. The show had an agenda to paint Rozlyn last night as the woman who did everything wrong, so the only women you heard speak from the panel, were the ones that were willing to sling mud at her. Corrie wasn’t, so she wasn’t shown.

As I pointed out in the last few columns, four girls did post show interviews where they admitted to never seeing anything going on between the producer and Rozlyn (Ashley E., Michelle, Ella, and Corrie), yet at the WTA, now all the sudden they’re all chirping? A little suspicious if you ask me. Ok, a lot suspicious. I mentioned in Thursday’s column. Never in the history of all the “Tell All” episodes have they had one person sequestered from the rest of the group like Rozlyn was, brought out without having heard anything going on backstage, taken off stage after her segment was up, and not allowed to attend any after parties. Rozlyn was brought in for her segment by a freakin’ security guard escort. Huh? Is she a murderer now? They treated her last night like she was on death row about to be put down by lethal injection. If someone could please answer me why Rozlyn wasn’t allowed to mingle with all the other girls before, during, or after the show, and why she was sequestered from everyone else, then maybe, just maybe, you can convince me it wasn’t staged. But since no one will address that, I will. It’s because every other girl was in their green room before the show started being told by producers what to bring up on stage. Hook them up to a lie detector test, all of em’, and I guarantee they’ll admit the truth. But it’ll never happen, so, I guess we’re stuck with what was shown. Just like the Wes situation, people will believe what they choose to believe. I’m here to tell you what really happened.

As mentioned during the Wes edit last season (which they built at least 3 or 4 episodes around, the fact they claim he had a girlfriend and even told Jake about it), for two seasons in a row now, the two BIGGEST scandals in the history of the show, yet, they never had any audio or video footage of either. You’d think somewhere, somehow, someway, they’d have something. Especially considering how they promoted the hell out of both scandals. We got four specific examples of Rozlyn’s behavior last night from girls: Ella with the “ass” story, Jessie saying she saw them kissing, Christina talking about cuddling “24/7″ with hands on thighs, and other girls saying they all witnessed inappropriate behavior. No footage of ANY of this? Really? Nope, they just say, “Oh my God, look what happened! But ummmm, well, we have no proof.” Well, except Jake’s word since Wes told him, and these girls made up stories saying they saw it happened. You notice how when Rozlyn asked Chris, “Chris, tell me about this physical relationship, I really want to know more about this since you’ve been so vague”, that’s when Chris turned to the ladies to give their stories? How come Chris never relayed any story that he saw or heard of them together? For a guy who was on the attack with Rozlyn all night long, when pressed on it, he went to the “Well hey, this is what the girls saw”. Not once did Chris give any specific examples of stuff he knew. That’s because he didn’t see or know anything. The guy is barely around the house during filming, so he didn’t see or hear S**t. Yet, he’s acting like he knew everything that was going on. Nice try.

Which brings me to my boy Chris. I think it’s about time I call him out. Chris, I am 100% dead serious when I say this: stop the lies. Seriously. Stop the lies. I thought last night he came off as a complete bully with an obvious agenda to attack Rozlyn from the get go, and I’m glad she stayed her ground. I thought she handled herself about as well as she could considering the circumstances. That being, the host of the show, and most everyone woman on stage attacking her. I am sending out an open invitation to Chris right now to come have a man-to-man phone interview with me for the site, and we can address everywhere he think I’m lying, and everywhere I think he’s lying. If I’m as wrong as he thinks I am, then he should have no issue putting me in my place. He should be jumping at the chance to answer everything I throw at him. I’ve got a bazillion questions for him, but this won’t be some sort of ambush. It will be professionally done, but just know, I am going to ask him things people want to know. And I will call him out for things he’s said that I couldn’t disagree with more. He can feel free to do the same. Just so everyone knows I’m serious, I’m sending an email today to three different ABC publicists requesting an interview with Chris. Once Chris declines (which I’m sure he will), or they decide to not even respond to me, I’ll notify everyone so you know where things stand. This needs to happen. I’ve been writing about this show for 17 seasons now and have had questions up the wazoo regarding how real it is. Well lets bring Chris on to talk about it. The guy never has a problem going on other shows talking down to all the critics, so why not come do an interview with the show’s biggest critic? The invitation is there. Ball is in your court, Chris. And any of you readers that would like to bug him on Twitter or his Facebook page about it, be my guest.

Anyway, regarding Facebook, I know a lot of you have requested me as a friend in the last couple weeks but haven’t heard back. There’s a reason for that. I’m almost maxed out right now on the 5,000 friends, and I have about 1,300 more requests I haven’t responded to. I guess I’m going to have to start a fan page soon. Hopefully I’ll get around to it this weekend. Any questions, comments, emails, or suggestions, email me at steve@realitysteve.com. Or you can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/RealitySteve. See you tonight at 12:01am EST for the exclusive on Sunday’s ATFR taping. You don’t want to miss it.

Ok, I will be back later on this week with a few more “Women Tell All” details, in addition to more thoughts on Ali as the next Bachelorette, which is currently the worst kept secret on TV. If you want to join me on Twitter, my address is Twitter.com/RealitySteve. Or if you want to add me on Facebook, scroll down the right hand column under “My Stuff” and click on the appropriate link. See you soon…
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Reality Steve's Bachelor Recap 2/22/10 "The Women All Lie"
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